Creator MrFlipmaster12
Creation 11/8/13 (idea)
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Erratic
Fighting style Various
Status Alive
Occupation Hunting Innocents
Subordinates Vagiprincess
Allies All Vagis
Enemies Anyone who Crosses Paths with Him

Vagiper is a RED Vagisniper created by YouTube user MrFlipmaster12.


Vagiper appears to be a RED Sniper who wears the Well-Rounded Rifleman. He has a heavily distorted face, typical to all Vagis.

Behaviour and Personality

Vagiper is an erratic, aggressive and hungry monster. He attacked them without them noticing and he walks towards to the corpse and eats it and he also kills anyone who comes up close to him and he never attacks vagis unless they attack him so he is dangerous.

Powers and Abilites

  • Vagiper is a master of all Sniper rifles, SMGs and melee weapons for the Sniper class.
  • Limb Regrowth
  • High jumping and parkour techniques
  • Self-Übercharge
  • Vagification
  • Vagiper's unique ability is that he can use the calories gathered by eaten victims to bring himself back from the dead.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Vagiper has to use 10,000-100,000 calories to come back from the dead. If he doesn't have enough calories , he will die permanently.
  • If Vagiper jumps high, he might fall off a cliff.
  • He might miss while doing parkour, which may cause his quick and unavoidable death.
  • Is his victim is fast enough, he can dodge his ranged weaponry.
  • His Self-Übercharge is disabled by Jarate.
  • Vagiper might get spot while sniping or feeding, because his companion, Vagiprincess, often makes loud noises which are easily noticeable.
  • While his regeneration power is supportive, constant attacks can overwhelm his ability to heal. Those with Healing Factor Nullification can put him at a considerable disadvantage due to the fact that the power can remove the said regeneration ability. Furthermore, their regeneration powers still doesn't give him immunity to drugs and other hazardous materials, resulting in supreme hold-back. Users with Disintegration, Incineration, or One-Hit Kill are powers that can kill him instantly, also disabling his regeneration ability in the process.


  • Vagiper is the first Vagisniper freak.
  • His ally, Vagiprincess, was turned to what he is today by his own bare hands.
  • Sometimes he might kill his ally, but will revive him later.
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