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Weaselpiss update
Creator Cowboygineer
Creation October 8th 2013
Debut TF2 Freak Concept #1: Snakepiss (As Snakepiss)
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Carefree, prankster
Fighting style Long to mid range
Abilities Weaselcake Abilities
Pooping Jarate
Weaknesses Same as Weaselcake
Removal of headband removes Jarate abilities
Status Alive
Occupation GRN Sniper (formerly)

Weaselpiss (previously Snakepiss) is a GRN Sniper Freak created by Cowboygineer.


An unknown Scientist has decided to merge a Jar of Jarate and a Weaselcake together in a machine he invented. This merge was the worst mistake he has ever made, he was a spy at the time and he got Jarate all over his lab coat. The freak disappeared from its creator ever since.


WeaselPiss looks like a GRN team Sniper wearing a Master's Yellow Belt. His pose is the same as a normal Weaselcake.

Powers and Abilities

Snakepiss has the same powers and abilities as a normal Weaselcake, but with one exception. His main ability is to spawn Jarate, rather than cake.

Faults and Weaknesses

He has the same weaknesses as a normal Weaselcake, but he as another weakness. If the Master's Yellow Belt is removed from his head, he cannot use his jarate attacks.


This TF2 Freak has been created in 2013, but was put on hiatus for 2 years during it's development.


This freak was given it's own gmod debut in 2013, and is planned to return sometime in 2016. His current theme is Deep Sea of Mare from Super Mario Sunshine.

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