"*Windy noises*"

— Wind Condition's presence

Wind Condition is a SLV Scout (can't identify, either sliver or gray) created by ThatFireManiac

Wind Condition
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Creator ThatFireManiac
Creation 2018-03-03
Type Spirit/Human
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Silent
Fighting style Bakom
Abilities Wind Changing

Absorbing types of winds or gases Amazing speed

Weaknesses Destroying his wind core, on the side of his arm.
Status Alive
Occupation Living on top of a mountain
Superiors None
Allies The Verlassenen 6
Enemies None
His theme song is Romanian Wind - Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Score (probably change his theme later)


He went faster then normal scouts, he and his team would always win matches, payloads matches and capture points. The other team wanted this to be fair matches, so they talked to person who hired the scout, they immediately fired him from his job. The scout having nothing else to do, he trained his speed at top of a mountain. He has connected with the wind for 5 years now, making him a fast opponent, literally.

Personality & Appearance

Wind Condition is silent person, will never say a single word, he doesn't question or taunt the enemy. He wears the B-ankh!, Wrap Battler , Long Fall Loafers and the Tomb Wrapper somewhere hidden on his arm.

Powers & Abilities

Windy Conditions: Wind Condition's speed is increased by 30% when damaged

Fallen Speed: If the battle takes place with no windy conditions, the power Windy Conditions will not give him 30% speed when damaged

Gas Entrance: Absorbing 20% of gases in the area will be turned into a smoke bomb for the enemy to be blinded

Nature Is Changing: If the battle takes place in nature, he is able to change nature's wind conditions to make things fall.

Smoke Wind: Saving the 20% gases from Gas Entrance will be able to add fog.

SPECIAL MOVE - The Five-Greed Jutsu: If you know Hyperdimension Neptunia, you would know what this would do.

Rage: Adsorbs 90% of the wind conditions to make his attack speed and health raised to 50%, but decreases 30% of speed

Faults & Weaknesses

He has a weak spot on the side of one of his arms, destroying that weak spot and revealing whats under it will temporarily disable any of his wind abilities.


  • The Five-Greed Jutsu is a "interesting" move, go search it up on Youtube and you would understand. Here, lemme pull up a page from Youtube. Here, watch this, if you don't trust me, don't click on it. Here it is
  • His signature weapon, Ventus, is named after an attribute from the cartoon series "Bakugan: Battle Brawlers".

Voice Lines

Battle Entrance Quotes

*Windy Noises*

*Loud Windy Noises

Defeated Quotes

*Windy noises disappearing*

*Sounds of leaves rustling*

*Sounds of wind*

Defeated Quotes (Opponent)

*High wind noises*

*Big sound of wind*

  • Wind's flying
  • Wind's weapon, Ventus
  • Wind's rage
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