Ere ya go
-Xalen reading some Manga he likes
Xalen The Bounty Hunter is a RED Sniper who is paid to kill, on his days off he usually reads manga he buys. His theme is (Im lazy to write it out,so here is the link) and he was made in Garry's Mod


Like was an every day Sniper, fighting on the sidelines, but then he just got bored of the job, so he quit. He didn't have a job, so he stayed in a friends house, he slowly thought of the idea of being a Bounty Hunter.

Appearance and Behavior

This Bounty Hunter is very relaxed in his time, always killing to be paid, its a living. He wears a Triclops for his helmet and he also wear the Quick-Fix Pack to keep his weapons from dropping, he is pretty strong but takes damage easily.

Arsenal and Weaponry

Xalen carries a Bazaar Bargain and a Claidheamh Mòr, he also carries around a manga so he can give the enemy some paper cuts.


Being one of the most human-type bosses means he is able to bleed like other humans, also breaking is helmet is also another weaknesses, he cant really live without his helmet.


Like I said, he is the most human-type bosses, so he can't really do much but I guess the helmet kind of counts?

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